Agile and language-agnostic software engineering.

We help companies increase their engineering team bandwidth and build great software.

We Offer

Software Engineering

We code fluently in Elixir, Ruby, Python, and JavaScript. We are solution-driven and choose the right tool for the job. We are used to deploy daily on complex cloud-based architectures.

On-premise team

Sometimes it is important to work side-by-side with your existing team. We are located in Berlin and can join you in the office for workshops, scrum ceremonies or even daily work.

MVP development

We help you to build MVPs to test ideas quickly and progress from there. With proven methods and cutting edge tools and technologies, we enable you to transition from a first MVP to an enterprise grade-product with ease.


Assessment workshop > deep dive


Scoping > Design > Development > Testing



Remote team

Fast-growing companies can not afford to limit themselves to local talents. With our partner in Rwanda, we can offer integrated teams that work in the same timezone as Berlin. Our remote teams have a 100% time overlap and participate in daily scrum ceremonies.



We code fluently Elixir, Ruby, JS, and Python.


We feel at home when we build applications with Phoenix, Rails, React, and Django. For mobile apps, our tool of choice is React Native.


We come with years of experience with PostgreSQL, MySQL, Elasticsearch, and Dgraph.


We are comfortable building REST and GraphQL APIs.


Eleasar and Ole helped us build the engineering team at Factory from scratch and led the development of our digital product in Elixir and React. Their work became essential to the company.

Niclas Rohrwacher, Co-Founder Factory Berlin, Serial Entrepreneur


Tech Team Berlin has done a great job supporting Homeday both from an engineering and product perspective in helping to build and evolve our products.

Philipp Reichle, CTO Homeday


Tech Team Berlin was quick to jump in and build a solution to manage our contacts better. It saved us countless hours so far.

Philipp Scharff, CEO Mentor Verlag


About Us

Tech Team Berlin was founded by Eleasar Werbitzky and Ole Spaarmann in 2018. Our teams of highly skilled software engineers can be integrated with minimal overhead for you. We handle talent assessment, on-boarding, and continuous improvement. You can focus on building your business.

Our teams work alongside your software engineers but are managed by us. They follow an agile process with short and incremental delivery cycles and early feedback. We maintain the highest quality by strictly following best-practices and using state-of-the-art tools.

Open Source

We believe in the power of open source and maintain two projects on GitHub.


ExDgraph is a gRPC based client for the Dgraph database written in Elixir.


Elastix is an Elasticsearch client for Elixir.


Tech in Rwanda e.V.

We started the association Tech in Rwanda e.V. together with a group of passionate people to support the local tech industry and create opportunities for the people in Rwanda. We do that by sending software engineers as mentors to Rwanda and initiating cooperations – for example between the German Code+Design camps and SheCanCode in Kigali or CODE University Berlin and the Rwanda Coding Academy.

German Rwandan Tech Network

The German Rwandan Tech Network is an initiative of Tech in Rwanda e.V. with the goal to connect local entrepreneurs and software engineers with entrepreneurs and talents in Rwanda to promote exchange and knowledge sharing. If you want to get involved, please get in touch.

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